Cars re-worked I

January 29, 2011


Re-worked the Messerschmitt micro car in several different versions, both working from the memory of Wednesday and a single photo taken at the time. Each variation sheds new light on its “anatomy” as I discover new things in the shadows and make connections about the machine’s construction. Still ignorant about some of the details, my next step is to find other pictures of the car via Google Images. It’s a bit like life drawing really: you start with what you know then go away and build up your knowledge of anatomy proper!

Two pages, 10×12″ 1110gm cartridge and I thought it fun to mimic the three-wheeler in three sketches on each page, still working smaller than I’d like: Staedtler 0.1mm pen, pen and HB pencil, pen and watercolour from my W&N watercolour field box. The first two involved pencil guidelines, but the third was done freehand in pen.

The second page shows three emulations in the style of urban sketcher colleagues – Gerard Michel (two shades of watercolour), Eduardo Bajzet (pen against a background of COPIC marker) and Christian Tribastone (here on white, so imagine a white border all around and the whole thing done on a brown paper bag)

Of course, none of these have the immediacy of the original sketch, but this all about me playing with different media and about tackling a small (yet sufficiently complex) subject without the fear and loathing linked to a proper four-wheel car. More four-wheel cars a bit later!

Where to now? Well, I’ve been busting to work bigger, so I will, adding some people who happened to walk into frame when I photographed the car.


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