Still Life Sunday

January 30, 2011

While I’m getting around doing plein air sketching, I thought I’d devote a short time on the weekends at home to some Still Life. This Sunday and last have been less about nature morte and more about sketching plants in the garden. I thought my subject would stay still but as the sun crept over it, the leaves curled up in the sun almost before my eyes, so things weren’t quite as “still” as I anticipated!

10×12″, 110gm cartridge, which allows me to “explore” the paper much more than with a smaller sketchbook. Very basic pencil guidelines, followed by 0.5mm pen for the outlines of each leaf and 0.1mm for the veins and shading. I captured none of the exquisite greens, but added watercolour pencil and water at the last minute. I was aware of reflected light in places, but couldn’t capture the glory of those parts of the leaves which were translucent thanks to the light on their upper side. Botanically-speaking I was aware of the bamboo-like segmentation in the stem and the definitive purple/red where the leaves met the stem. The further down the plant one goes, the more deeply monochromatic the colour in the leaves becomes as they harden up.


Hill, Adrian. Further Steps in Drawing and Sketching. Poole, Dorset: Blandford Press, 1972.


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