Great Garden Sketchabout #16: Canova “The Boxers” revisited

March 23, 2011


The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. 23 March, 5.30pm. Photos of the ‘decorated’ Boxers by Canova.

This is more or less the view I sketched earlier this week, except this afternoon there was no pouring rain. In addition to this standard ‘landscape’ view, I had the idea too of combining closeup views of the statues across a double-page spread, one spread for each Boxer.

I discovered today that the Moreton Bag fig behind the Boxer on the southern side was already a lively tree when photographed around (?)1946 for a postcard and featured in the current exhibition of Vintage View banners.

And here are ‘knuckledusters’ belonging to Kreugas, the ‘northern’ (loser) Boxer, carved into the base of the statue on the ‘ground’ between his legs – I assume they are Ancient Greek boxing paraphernalia and their exact meaning is not exactly clear to me. Something to research.

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