Great Garden Sketchabout #17: Floss Silk Tree revisited

March 23, 2011

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. 21 March, 6pm. Photos and a graphite pencil sketch of the undergrowth, Floss Silk tree and Megaskepasma erythrochylamys.

This relates to the two sketches posted earlier, which highlighted on the contour and texture of the tree trunk and the bright yellow and various greens to the left of the trunk. The vegetation around the base of the Floss Silk tree in Bed 65 was worrying me a bit because my earlier rendering of it wasn’t a tangible or definable sketch of the species – it looked too generic.

I took this photo to show something of the extended, full height of the tree, since in sketching it in my Gardens sketchbook, I will have to move from landscape format to portrait.

I’m keen to reproduce in my sketch something of the distinctive shape of the leaves of this Venezuelan shrub, Megaskepasma erythrochlamys.

This shows the area picked for my earlier sketches and below is the on-site sketch in graphite pencil and pen (Lamy Safari), which means I can’t add any water as such, precluding watercolour pencil wash. The line is still too “nervy” for my liking, but I’m working on that.

One Response to “Great Garden Sketchabout #17: Floss Silk Tree revisited”

  1. quirkyartist Says:

    Wondering why you can’t add a wash. Is it because of the type of ink in your pen?

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