EDiM #101

May 1, 2011


Derwent graphite pencils. Every Day in May #101. Draw a bar of soap.

I know my Staedtler watercolour pencil in black produces much stronger darks, but held off this time. Capturing peach and cream in solid black and white seemed over the top.

The ox-plough handmade book with a system of 4×8 cuts is a thick pocketbook. I’m only working on one side of the paper, but the ox-plough is flexible enough a structure to work the other side as well. By rights too thick, but that can be overcome with a tie set into the covers. I like the idea of old fashioned playing cards, a nod to the engravings of old though in my case without the subject headings. I had thought of the idea of engraved playing cards, with a frame around the edge and a stylized heading, but I liked the undefined quality of them remaining textless.

I thought initially of vignettes for my Object Drawing, with lots of surrounding space. Then, in wanting to push the envelope in a more painterly/printmaking direction (and partially in response to some watercolour painting I saw at The Paginated Garden exhibition), I’ve decided to push the content to at least two if not three sides of the page. Working small, I have no excuse anyway!

Today’s homage to an artist is Michelangelo. Since I’m supposed to be NOT sketching and writing my university essay this week on attitudes to rape in 17th century Italy, tomorrow’s sketch will definitely include something by the female artist Artemisia Gentileschi. By rights, I should probably try and knock back the Michelangelo a lot more, probably with some sort of glaze. Having enrolled in Roz Stendhal’s online Strathmore journalling and watching her create backgrounds with acrylic paint and ink, I’m sure I’ll be working on new and exciting techniques this month. 

I’ve planned a different medium every two days this month because I want to stretch my experience of materials and media, so I’ve kicked off with something in my comfort zone: graphite pencil. I’m visualising connecting each set of two drawings across a two-page spread and I want my object and its background to bounce off each other content-wise. Today’s soap obviously has connotations of a Body.

Yesterday, the Sydney Sketch Club met at Windsor, a delightful country town in the country outside Sydney. Sunday is market day and we came upon a soap stall selling soaps in glorious pastel colours in the shape of cupcakes. I’m not sure what the poor stallholder thought when beseiged by a dozen artists all pointing at her soaps and laughing out loud, but we decided sketching a cupcake for EDiM #101 would be too confusing for our audience.

Getting into a nice groove already with scanning at 300dpi and inserting here as a Medium size illustration. The responses so far on the Flickr group site are spectacular! Seeing them has buoyed me up no end this morning.


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