EDiM #104

May 5, 2011

Lamy Safari fountain pen. Every Day in May 2011: draw salt & pepper shakers.

Rather represents my inner fragmentation as I undergo momentous change in personal circumstances! The short time sketching this was a form of gentle meditation amid swirling chaos. The plastic kaleidoscope holds lots of wonderful colour which I’ll return to explore to at another time. I could happily draw this salt shaker every day for a month. The half-blind contour is somewhat predictable, but certainly fits with the previous work in my concertina ox-plough book. Have already thought ahead about tomorrow’s sketch based on the previous four – the previous four sketches are ‘telling me’ who they want to come to their party.

Plans for some handmade books are coming on well: Oriental stab-binding, Kraft-paper covers, cartridge paper for sketching indoors (outdoors would need sturdier hard covers, but this is ‘homework’ for next week’s bookbinding class, above all else). One or two will help me start me off on my figure drawing/anatomy research in conjunction with the downloads from the Structure of Man website.

2 Responses to “EDiM #104”

  1. quirkyartist Says:

    I very much like this one. I like the fragmentation of not drawing every line.

    • rodbyatt Says:

      Thanks. I was pleased with this one. I should do more like this, especially when the subject is very complicated.

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