EDiM #111 & 112

May 11, 2011

Wednesday 11 May. Every Day in May sketching challenges: Draw a bowl and Draw something fresh.

Draw a bowl.  I was a bit intimidated by the size of a Japanese chawan tea bowl I have, so went for something smaller – a tiny 3″-wide ceramic tea caddy (chaire), also from the Japanese tea ceremony. I left it inside its textile bag (shifuku) and silk braid, with just its ivory-substitute resin lid poking through.   Graphite pencil foundation followed by watercolour wash overlaid with Fineliner 0.1 pen (with some resistance over the purple gouache). I like this way of working: getting my bearings in pencil, addressing the ‘excitement’ of the colour in the subject matter by adding a watercolour wash and while it’s drying giving me more opportunity to keep studying the subject, then looking more closely with pen catering to my love of contour and tonal areas.

I seem to have lost my way in terms of addressing a wide variety of media in this month’s sketching challenges. I wanted this little ox-plough book to be a ‘status report’ on where I’m at with different media, but there is a growing sense of continuity between and among the sketches (one reads them after all as one following the other) which is at odds with my initial plan. 


Draw something fresh. In English “fresh” is linked inextricably with flowers and food, so I thought of buying some sushi for lunch tomorrow and sketching that. Instead today I drew the tail end of my lunch – a mandarin (ringo in Japanese). Graphite pencil, W& N watercolour and Reeves gouache.

Since the daily challenges are now firmly rooted in a two-page spread, it makes sense from now on to show them online as a spread. In reading the book, it’s impossible to see them in isolation.

There is also, at a deeply personal level, something going on here: a bowl which is covered up, fresh food which has been eaten! Transgression? Obtuseness?


2 Responses to “EDiM #111 & 112”

  1. quirkyartist Says:

    I really like the way you’re working now with the watercolour and pencil. Do you think you’ve found your medium?

    • rodbyatt Says:

      This watercolour and pencil treatment appeals to that part of my personality which likes the vague and the high key. I guess an artist comes to recognises different media as useful for expressing different parts of her personality.
      Something has really clicked though with the pencil-then vague watercolour-wash-then-coming back with fine black pen. This is definitely me!

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