Ox-plough books

May 15, 2011

Two ox-plough books made from a single sheet of Como paper, folded four-by-four, following Wendy Shortland’s Bookbinding & Sketching Workshop during March and April at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The folding of the second sheet of paper was better than the first and I used two covers made previously – boxboard covered with Japanese paper and handmade paper respectively.

Compared to the workshop, there was an extra challenge here insofar as the ‘square’ on each was smaller. I tried to keep the textblock as close as possible to the spine which allows the pages to lie flatter. I added small squares of Japanese origami paper so I know which side is up.

I haven’t exhausted the possibilities of sketching in the Royal Botanic Gardens, so these two landscape ones will go nicely with my portrait-format original. I can see at least one of them providing extensive coverage to the Canova Boxer statues and the other to ‘unfinished business’ concerning the buildings within the Gardens, the former Herbarium and Rathborne Lodge. The Como paper seems to cope with wet media and is smooth enough for sketching.

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