Sydney sketching : sketching Sydney. Postcode 2044, Marrickville: Post Office cafe

July 27, 2011

27 July 2011. lunchtime. Derwent graphite pencil, Staedtler Fineliner pen, W&N watercolours – all done on site!

Been busy over at http:/// but able to briefly take in this building which is almost identical to the former Town Hall half a mile away, though this Post Office was built 20 years later. I suspect the NSW Department of Public Works in building the Post Office simply came along and checked out the other important civic building and decided to replicate its architectural style. The former Town Hall was a single storey but the Post Office was built with two.

Earlier in the day the local Greeks populate the public forum to discuss the politics of the day. Able to work unobtrusively, complete with on-site painting, and there’s a steady churn of patrons at the outdoor tables. The outdoor cafe tables are now a smoke-free zone. I’ve been reading about the uproar associated with King Street Newtown – outdoor smoking allowed on the east side (City of Sydney Council) and banned on the west (Marrickville Council). Not delineated clearly in the bottom right were three infants, one having tripped over – no harm done, they were running around screeching five seconds later.

Very pleased to be able to sketch both buildings and people together. This is but part of one side of the square, so there’ll be more to come.


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