Traditional Pen & Ink (6) – work in progress

August 10, 2011


The idea is that by next Friday I will have an architectural drawing done, A4-sized, in pen and ink, in a frame. I’m supposed to do it on canvas, but will opt for paper instead.

Rather than copy from a photograph or someone else’s drawing, I thought it more useful to refer to my sketchbook and develop something from an on-site sketch. Back in June, I did a sketch of the Nightingale Wing of Sydney Hospital.

I’m in the process of rejigging it, against the Golden Mean and eliminating all white negative space and have come up with this heavily cropped version. I’m paying greater attention to accuracy regarding perspective. My finished framed version will have a 3cm matt all round it, so have included that in the mix. I omitted lots of details when on location, so need to go back to the site and “fill them in”. Deciding on which pen and ink lines to use will be interesting: to leave it all contour, or to add hatching or cross-hatching. A work in progress!


One Response to “Traditional Pen & Ink (6) – work in progress”

  1. quirkyartist Says:

    I have drawn this building in the past also. It is very ornate and colourful as well.

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