Day lilies (1)

September 18, 2011

The blooming has just begun. I thought I’d “get in early” before the trumpets appeared, making drawing these huge flowers all that more difficult.

Draughtmanship is one thing; capturing the texture correctly is another.  Just as I had trouble conveying the spongey “rubberiness” of the orchid flowers yesterday, here I was tackling cast shadows and light through the translucent leaves, as well as local colour. I realised I wasn’t getting too far at all just with contour using graphite pencil, so added watercolour washes, one for sunlit and the other for cast shadow. Having lost the beauty of the lines inherent in the contours and folds of the individual petals, I had to bring them ‘back’ with pen. Working quickly was the go, since the bloom at far left was literally expanding’ as I was sketching. As with the magnolia and orchids, I’ll return to this one in coming days. Next time round I won’t set them against a white background.

Here’s a photograph taken a week later, when all the individual flowers are in full bloom and where the translucence is in evidence:


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