Pine Street Student Exhibition 2011

September 23, 2011

132 works in the catalogue of this year’s students at the Pine Street Creative Art Centre in Chippendale, with a fascinating variety of printmaking techniques in evidence. While I found the prints personally engrossing, I acknowledge the high level of skill shown in the drawing and silver jewellery, with some excellent surface work in the ceramics.

Andy Leigh had works with marvellous constrasts between hard and soft lines, strongly evoking texture as well, in his etchings on aluminium. Juliane Roebel-Hermann submitted a work done by photopolymer entitled Benvenuti a Sydney, with a highly-developed sense of pattern and design. I found Dorota Bora’s work intriguing, balancing both strength and delicacy, with incredibly soft textures. Ashlinn McCarthy had a strong combination of etching on katazome-printed fabric. I wasn’t surprised to see Belquis Youssofzay’s drypoint having been sold and I liked the liquid colour work within deep shade  in Cara Anderson’s reduction linoprint devoted to the Taj Mahal.

I found Laura Cunningham’s Food series quite compelling: exploring delicacy and fragility of closely-studied subject matter, with hard and soft lines and a variety of mark-making in her etchings on aluminium; not surprised to see her Poppies having sold. Naomi Tan exhibits a deep understanding of the etching-on-aluminium medium in her Surrender. I liked the cutout cicada by Sheila Myers (incorporating etching, solarplate and chine colle), particularly that traces of the green printing ink were left behind, effectively linking the cicada with its (brilliantly-worked) environment. Michaela Hauer (linocuts and etching on aluminium) is a talent to watch. It goes without saying that the excellent linocuts of Mike Cook should justly feature so prominently in the exhibition poster and catalogue.

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