Sydney sketching : sketching Sydney. Postcode 2044. Marrickville, Alex Trevallion Plaza (II)

October 11, 2011

A4-sized paper, pencil sketch on-location.

Called by by Post Office to put another university essay in the post. Marrickville Post Office cafe was busy, despite windy weather. Drew for as long as I could until left arm gave out.

A distinct improvement on the two previous visits. There’s a lot to be said for going back again and again. Definitely felt less conspicuous today. Added tonality, penwork and watercolour washes at home from memory. The Greek ‘philosophers’ were in the north-west corner of the piazza today. Nearby, three policemen were on mountain bikes, out on patrol.

Getting to understand the interaction between the background (the grey 1920s building and betting shop across the road), the mid-ground (the ever-changing lineup of parked cars) and the foreground (the four black umbrellas and street furniture). In terms of urban sketching, it’s all here: people, cars, buildings. Will review the work of Tommy Kane, whose influence was strong today. This particular north view is worth a fish-eye treatment.


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