Sydney sketching : sketching Sydney. Postcode 2012. Prince Alfred Park.

October 13, 2011

A4, 2B pencil.

I make no apology for an all-pencil drawing, notwithstanding that scanning eliminates most of the subtle greys.

This line of Moreton Bay fig trees on the southern border of the park, alongside Cleveland Street, has recently undergone something of an upgrade. The areas between the trees were so riven with roots that it was impossible to sit under them. The almost perpetually boggy soil has been put to good use and a swathe of native grasses now covers the whole area. At the edge of the grasses are several new, north-facing park benches as well, ideal for a view of the city skyline, complete with Central Station clocktower (currently under wraps for renovation).

It’s impossible for any self-respecting urban sketcher in Sydney not to tackle Moreton Bay fig trees, in one form of another. They have been a mainstay of artists, amateur and professional, for more than a hundred years. Perhaps none exceeds those of Lloyd Rees in technical virtuosity from the 1930s.

My watercolours don’t extend to a wide range of Australian olive greens, but I hope to go back again and tackle this with some colour, especially at this time of day, around 9.30-10am.


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