Traditional Pen & Ink. Landscape with Trees (3). Newtown Railway Station.

October 17, 2011

My current little series looks at pen-and-ink in landscape format, aiming where possible for landscapes including trees and including as much content depicting Sydney Australia as possible. No trees today, but plenty of tree-like verticals. The difference here is the mark-making has to reinforce hard surfaces (steel, brick, plaster) instead of trees and leaves.

Like the previous two, this is copied from a photograph and I’m still sticking with a Staedtler Fineliner 01 pen over pencil foundation. I haven’t played around with artistic licence since I rather enjoy the frenetic clutter of contemporary street furniture. My confidence booms when I get an automobile looking realistic! The overall effect is still very studied, but I’ve tried to reflect some of the ragtag, busy, down-at-heel nature of Newtown.

“Newtown Bridge”

This is copied freehand from an old photograph I took ages ago of the busy junction of King Street Newtown and Enmore Road.

I hope to do a Simo Cappetti-type panorama (  using three photos I took. Taking a fourth might include The Hub picture theatre and the “piazza” outside Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, since I’m interested in village squares at the moment.

Drawing on location would be extremely difficult since this on a very narrow piece of footpath, outside an outdoor cafe (formerly a bank) and at the junction of two sets of pedestrian crossings. Practice drawings from photos may allow me to take some useful, additional notes on-site, especially about what’s inside the shadows and work up some photo-onsite composites. I’m sure the local police would have me for blocking pedestrians otherwise! Sitting in the cafe is another option.


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