Traditional Pen & Ink. Landscape with Trees #4.

October 24, 2011

I’ve been going through old photos and taking cuttings from newspapers, looking for images relating to the current pen-and-ink exercises relating to adapting particular marks to landscapes with trees. Pen-and-ink is not usually associated with landscape, I’m told. I’m  still not fully engaging all the marks of the original exercise in to these “transcripts”, but I can at least proffer four (if not more) pieces of work at this Friday’s class.

I don’t buy the Sydney Morning Herald on the weekend for the news anymore. I used to, but with the increasing duopoly in the newsprint industry, the laziness of journalists who now write stories based on the Internet and are busy simply shifting paragraphs around when it comes to Media Releases provided to them as written by spin doctors, SMH has simply become views-news, with a “balanced” number of leftwing and rightwing opinion pieces. The same with The Australian. The SMH does continue to provide interesting photographs however: portraits, figures, dramatic black-and-white photos.

This winter scene fitted the bill: the 1920s house had a variety of textures and the tree was mercifully without leaves. From a photograph, it’s not easy distinguishing between real branch and shadow, which branch belongs to which bough, etc. – I imagine this has to be easier when drawing on location. Which this sketch motivates me to do – in fact I’m examining trees on my walks around the neighbourhood much more closely these days. There was a mass of smaller branches to the left, but I gave up eventually. I persist in leaving areas of white, blank space – much to the annoyance of my pen-and-ink teacher, I’m sure!


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