Drawing Class. Session 1. Homework – used pill wrapper

October 28, 2011


I’ve been saving up this tiny piece of foil thinking it would make a nice drawing. Currently I’m alternating between Large Objects (requiring a pencil use to sight and measure) and Small Objects (some so small I have to squint to avoid mistakes caused by parallax error) as part of a daily routine of Object Drawing. To explore, line, texture, variety of mark-making, sighted and blind contour, tone: the usual shebang. Without the context of the perforations, the whole doesn’t read easily as a used pill wrapper. I found the expression of tone through pen much more difficult than I expected; I fell into the formula of using contour just for leading edges. It could well become (like my bizarre Scaffolding Double Coupler) material for long studies.

I dedicate this sketch to all the hard-working students in the drawing course, http://artc1300.wordpress.com, which I think is in Melbourne. The teacher’s rules for in-class behaviour reminded me of my own teaching days. 

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