Traditional Pen & Ink. Perspective.

October 28, 2011

I baulk at drawing from my imagination. It feels wrong. I’m so used to drawing from reality – whatever that might mean. Ontologically and existentially more correct, more comfortable, truer. I found the advice of last week’s drawing teacher to daydream more particular threatening (!).

Nevertheless, we were given a schematic of perspective at Pen & Ink class today based on a drawing of a pergola with flowering roses, the finished image of which we weren’t shown (in case it would influence us too much).

 Our job was to get something on paper which was perspectivally correct (see my glaring error at right) and later we will add in watercolour washes and penwork. For my contextual landscape of grass, trees, shrubs, I reached for the sketchbook for past landscapes. Thanks goodness for sketchbooks.

Given all the Built Environment sketches I’ve been doing lately, my doing some proper perspective is well overdue. And I need to go back and look at the discussion on Borromini Bear’s weblog as well.

Homework: photocopy your previous Pen & Ink sketches on to watercolour paper and experiment with watercolour washes. Mmmm…….

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