Sydney sketching : sketching Sydney. Prince Alfred Park.

November 2, 2011

I’m only averaging one plein air session a week at the moment. A 9B pencil on slick bond paper are not my usual materials. The shadows start to lengthen unacceptably by about 6.30pm.

This view is difficult because of the picture plane: a large ‘valley’ of the park, abruptly edged with the skyline. A lead-in for the eye is difficult.

From left, the blue building with the cut-0ut is in Darling Harbour; the big brown blob is the NSW Government building near Central Station, sitting in front of Ernst & Young and the modern building at Town Hall (with Art Deco tendencies) behind it. Next is the almost completely obscured Centrepoint Tower (Sydney Eye) and the Central Station tower currently under renovation. The construction sheds near revamped tennis courts relate to the construction of a building replacing the former swimming pool. Odd to think that the Central Station tower was a century ago perhaps the only building visible from this vantage point on Cleveland Street.


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