Drawing Class. Session 3. Still Life composition.

November 3, 2011

Wednesday. Small still life/small object drawing: I blue-glazed stoneware teapot I’ve kept from my time as a studio potter. Vaguely mindful of Van Gogh’s still life with plate, two knives and a teapot which I will copy. Working small, not as in class where we spent 2.5 hours on an A2-sized still life. Not sure why I’m translating poorly processes exactly as in class, prefering to work much smaller and less adventurously at home.

Thursday. A bit more attention today to framing  and to several objects. Still getting stuck at the strengthening/detailing stage, after establishing the tonal basics. Not sure where the timidity is coming from. Again small. Today was the scheduled plein air meeting of the St George Art Society drawing the Chinese market gardens at Kyeemagh, but it was raining heavily. I managed yesterday to work out a vantage point from Muddy Creek, looking into the 8 hectare gardens from the west, prompted by the delicate Van Gogh’s reed pen renditions of cultivated fields. I found a closer view of the farm buildings from the north, from the boardwalk inside the Riverine Park wetlands area. More on that later.


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