Drawing Class. Session 7 prep. Life drawing/male – day 2.

November 23, 2011

7B pencil. 10min sketches, photographic models from www.pixlovely.com

Almost anything’s possible on the Internet, these days. Including two-dimensional life drawing assistance.

This wonderful website will help me get over the surprise element involved in very short poses and gestural sketches, warming up for longer poses. Admittedly the two-dimensional computer monitor photo flattens the picture plane and does a lot of the work for the sketcher, but with a different pose every 30secs+, it gets one in the mood. I’ve used here the ‘armature’ suggested by Riven Phoenix in his Structure of Man, but without erasing, proceeded straight to the muscle contours. These “Bridgeman”-like renditions are forcing me back to the detailed foundation work provided in The Structure of Man.

It’s been a very long time since I did any drawing from life and I’ve noticed a distinct generational change: nowadays the dynamic poses are closely linked to cartooning and animation rather than sculpture from antiquity; nowadays props include machine-guns where once they were swords. My back-view guy was holding a violin, which is closer to my feel for things; the masked kneeled man with head wrapped in cloth was a bit Abu Graibh-sinister, but there you go.


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