Drawing Class. Session 7 prep. Life Drawing/male, day 5.

November 27, 2011

Today’s work from Riven Phoenix, Structure of Man drawing course: femur, tibia, humerus.

And today’s play: putting what I’ve learned into practice with photos from newspapers – sportsmen like Donovan Bailey, Ryan O’Keefe, Nicky Carle. These raise lots of questions about what muscles attach to which bones, so still a ways to go yet! “Pure” front views are not particularly popular – photographers look for added visual interest from contraposto or slight turns (almost to the three-quarter view). In the last sketch, I emphasised the tonality – solid back through two greys to white. I think my drawing teacher next week will try somehow to exploit shadow falling on the model in a similar way.

I like the Donovan Bailey pose, with the menacing finger pointing directly at the view, which is reminiscent of the famous sketch by Renaissance artist,  Jacopo Pontormo. I found myself subconsciously copying the trapped shapes and enrichment shapes beloved of Burt Dodson in his drawing book.

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