Drawing Class. Session 8 prep. Life Drawing/female, day 1.

November 30, 2011

In preparing for next week’s drawing class, I’m working through ‘strapping on’ the muscles to the skeleton as taught by Riven Phoenix in his Structure of Man artistic anatomy course.

I know in advance that I will have to curb my natural desires to cover the page with marks when it comes to drawing the female model. The more marks you make, the older you make the person look and when it comes to drawing females I know the teacher and my fellow students will want to see skin rather than muscle – they will not appreciate the strong straight lines and angles that work so easily in capturing the male.

Listened attentively to Germaine Greer discussing the work of Ben Quilty on television yesterday (ABC TV, Artscape): how he strenuously avoids the female and the feminine, lives in a world heavy with Heavy Metal, Toranas and bromances. Germaine was very pleased with his ability to avoid or deny the female in his work, there thus being no possibility of compromising, degrading or exploiting women. 

Focussing on mouth muscles at the moment, I “see” them everywhere: Tony Abbott’s nose, the underside of Lambert Wilson’s jaw in the film with Emmanuelle Devos entitled “Gentille” or “Good Girl”. Rather too tired to stay up late and watch Gerard Depardieu on television, his craggy features as a crazy loser (ringard) in Quand j’etais un chanteur.


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