36 Regent Street, Chippendale NSW 2008

December 8, 2011

The weekend newspapers provided an update on Centra Place, the huge development replacing the old Tooth’s Brewery in Broadway. The demolition of the brewery buildings has opened up curious views: Sydney University towers can be glimpsed from Goold Street, for example.  The Derek Parker book on Sydney’s buildings featured the Mortuary Station in Regent Street, so I thought I’d check it out (it’s under renovation, again).

I came across this old building, which looks like something straight out of William Morris:


A triangular corner block, on the corner of Regent and Lee Streets. It’s a building of red brick, sandstone trim and slate roof and must date from early last century. There are no Art Nouveau elements as such, so I’m guessing it must have been built before 1920. What I haven’t conveyed is the elaborate Gothic script in the sandstone carving above the main entrance door at the corner.  Both wings of the triangle are identical in terms of fenestration, but there is only a terminal door at the northern end towards Broadway. All the doors are painted blue, with gold copper door handles; the bricks are uniformly a dark rose colour and the yellow sandstone around the doors and windows is elaborate. Copper vents have been placed inside the sandstone blocks at ground level; terracotta vents punctuate the facade. The roofline is broken up with stepped pediments.

Until very recently (my sketches are done from Google Earth so this is how it must have looked approx six months ago), this was a medical practice. From yesterday’s photo I took, it seems to be undergoing either demolition or roof renovation. The attention to the painted doors and installation of roof lights indicates revamping some time in the recent past.

This is in the vicinity of the construction of Centra Place, replacing Tooth’s Brewery. One hopes that with this giant building development in place, attention will fall on the older buildings surrounding.


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