Classical Head No.2

December 13, 2011

5×8″, pencil. An initial, rough sketch – quite wobbly in places in terms of accurate proportional measurement, but will return tomorrow to tackle it in greater detail.

A4 cartridge paper, 2B pencil.


I’m sticking with the genre of the mature male in Roman busts – the very pronounced cheek muscles, often bald, strong forehead wrinkles and very vivid brow-work. It’s relatively easier to simply erase all these lines, flatten out everything and end up with something like a Holbein portrait.

Despite the ‘exaggeraged’ features, the overall proportions certainly conform to the ideal. The challenge with this particular Roman bust is that the left side of the face is quite different to the right.


2 Responses to “Classical Head No.2”

  1. genine Says:

    Your work is wonderful

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