Classical Head No.4

December 22, 2011

3B pencil. Approx. A4-size.

Last in a little preliminary set of Roman busts, following lessons learnt from Riven Phoenix’ Structure of Man drawing course.

I followed the tonal values of the photograph exactly, so that he ends up looking a bit cross-eyed. I “filled in” those bits of the marble statue which were damaged – with consequent anatomical errors resulting around the nose and mouth (but that’s okay).  This one doesn’t suffer the elongation of the previous ones.

The next steps are to re-do them showing ideal proportions, re-do them in white and black chalk on toned paper (emulating those of Robert Barrett), re-do them showing different light sources, re-do them as more realistic portaits with “real” eyes, re-do them in colour drawing inspiration from the Renaissance painting blockbuster exhibition currently in Australia on loan from Bergamo. That’s a lot of work, so because it’s Christmas and I’m having difficulty concentrating, I’ll probably jump to the next sub-category of portraiture I want to look at, namely caricature.


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