International SketchCrawl #34: Sydney (preparation) – ANZAC War Memorial

December 22, 2011

3B pencil, A4-sized cartridge paper

Today’s announcement of the location of the International SketchCrawl(TM) in Sydney, scheduled for 21 January, has inspired me to get cracking with some preparatory work.

I know that the best urban sketching comes from an intimate knowledge of the subject matter. Mercifully, the Art Deco War Memorial at the south end of Hyde Park is nice and “blocky”, so with a bit of practice I hope to get some decent perspective done on the day. By studying photographs too, I hope to come up with some good ground-level viewpoints and where the shadows will fall.

This is from a colour photograph, picked because it gives an overall view of the building and shows the care with which its immediate approaches were planned and executed. War Memorials are as much about the journey as the destination, after all. If this view wasn’t taken from a helicopter, it might have been from one of the tall buildings on Liverpool Street, e.g. The Connaught. From the cast shadow, it was taken about 1pm or so.

Three or four sketches in mind for the day come to mind: this War Memorial (perhaps including Sacrifice by Rayner Hoff inside); the Sydney Grammar School facade as seen slightly elevated from Hyde Park; St Mary’s Cathedral from the Archibald Fountain (an Art Deco link to the War Memorial) and the Registrar-General’s building by the prominent Sydney architect, Walter Liberty Vernon. Very late afternoon might be a good time to sketch some more Reynor Hoff sculpture, on the facade of the City Mutual Building, 44 Hunter Street. Either that or the Cathedral from the window on the first floor landing inside the Australian Museum.

References drawing marathons from around the world


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