International SketchCrawl (TM) #34, Sydney

January 21, 2012

Hunting down sketching spots

Checked out Macquarie Street prior to meeting everyone at the War Memorial. I notice St James Church is under renovation, but the new domes at the entrance gates to Hyde Park Barracks have been completed. I hadn’t realised that the entrance domes replicate domes on the roof of the Barracks.

Summer leaves obscure most of the western facade of the Land Titles Office, but I found an interesting 3/4 perspective from inside Hyde Park:


I momentarily stopped by the Archibald Fountain, trying to remember the details of the cathedral facade as sketched by my father, during a lunchbreak from the office in Hunter Street, in the 1950s. Old trees have been recently removed, opening up the vista. I can’t work out exactly where my father would have sat, but this spot near one of the flower beds certainly takes in the whole building… 



Despite the darkness of the Skeleton Room, I was surprised how much my recent work on the human skeleton via the online course, The Structure of Man, helped me. I want to draw some live kangaroos sometime, so this skeleton is a start.  This kangaroo was an Eastern Grey, the east coast counterpart of the Western Grey of Western Australia, which I’ve been copying lately from the television documentary, The Roo Gully Diaries.


I found a chair in the Skeleton Room, so took in the skeleton of the prancing horse. As with the kangaroos, it became a tonal exercise given the low light.

Next up, was the Discovery Room and the Cultural Space was open today, allowing me to take in a Great Red kangaroo in its boxing stance.


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