Marrickville NSW 2044 – Alex Trevallion Plaza

June 19, 2012

Derwent graphite pencils, HB to 2B to 6B; Faber-Castell coloured pencils added later, from memory; Daler-Rowney 5×8″ 150gm sketchbook.

Started out with my usual view of the Marrickville Post Office cafe outdoor area: mid-Winter cold and windy, though happily sunny with good shadows. Unfortunately the “horizon” (Marrickville Road) is dead centre of the page, which indicates a certain indecision about whether to work on the background buildings or focus on the bare tiled foreground. Compensated instead with the red warning pole as a visual “lead-in”. The trees are not actually as bare as they seem; plaza busy with charity personnel seeking donations. Shadows on this side of the plaza were more interesting and striking, but pedestrian traffic was very busy.

Wasn’t able to maintain the perspective/horizon line to the left page (compare the size of the two different Telstra phone boxes), mainly because I really like the (?silver) pine in one of the side streets in the distance.

When the subject matter is busy, I seem to opt for my ‘scratchy’, loose drawing style, as opposed to the slower-line ‘architectural’ style when I’m trying to get measurements more accurate.

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