International SketchCrawl(TM), Sydney – QVB

July 9, 2012


Reconnaissance photos ahead of the International SketchCrawl(TM) scheduled for next Saturday, taken around 1pm (mid-Winter).

The Queen Victoria Building is a multi-storeyed “shoebox”-shaped building with a large central copper dome and smaller domes at each of its corners. It is surrounded on three sides (east, north and west) by relatively narrow streets; the south faces the Sydney Town Hall.

Top left is at the pedestrian crossing at the NW corner, corner of York and Market Streets. Public seating has been removed from outside 44 Market Street (in York Street) but on a Saturday morning this should be reasonably safe and secure, though the NE corner of the building will be obscured.

Top right is the central dome seen from York Street. York Street, as you can see, is quite narrow. so sketching – especially of the dome and marble statues – will be uncomfortable. That said, it may be possible to position oneself outside office buildings closed on Saturdays, but the footpath is narrow.

Bottom left is the view down York Street (with midday sun hitting the dome) and of the SW corner. The SE corner has been under renovation for some time now. This is the view as seen seated right on the north wall of Sydney Town Hall – probably the least busy open-air location from which to sketch the building.


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