Virtual Santo Domingo (2)

July 31, 2012

Today’s 4×5″ thumbnail (HB and 2B pencil on photocopy paper) is the facade of the Panteon Nacional in Santo Domingo.

I stuck (initially) to the advice of Matthew Brehm in his Luz workshop at last year’s 2nd USK International Symposium in Lisbon of just working on the darkest darks and eschewing the mid-greys. I found myself constantly restating (especially as I was working from the roof line to the ground), something I need to keep getting right before moving to detail/tonal values. Working heavily under the influence of Ernest W. Watson at the moment, I was delighted that this photo showed a horse-drawn carriage,a feature of many of Watson’s location sketches from the 1920s; in this thumbnail, my carriage looks more like a stagecoach, but things can only get better!

One constant in these old buildings in Santo Domingo is their wonderful sketching potential in terms of the patina of the worn masonry stones.

Today’s soundtrack/earworm is Liebster Gott, erbarme dich from Cantata 179 of J.S. Bach which sits rather incongruously with my reading David Marr’s 1999 book on the Australian propensity to declare pleasure as sinful.

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