Virtual San Domingo (6)

August 4, 2012

Pencil, Artliner pen, Prismacolour coloured pencils, 6″ square on A4 photocopy paper

Today’s is problematic in two ways: the statue is hard up against the church facade (with problems portraying any depth of field) and the local colouring is warm in the background and cool (the bronze of the statues) in the foreground – the opposite of what it ‘should’ be. But I persisted because this is again, for me, an exercise in symmetry – getting one half of something approximating the other half.

Again I’m using coloured pencils which I’d not normally use because the sun is never this bright here. Deep shade seems to be really very black in Santo Domingo and the lights are invariably pink (as opposed to yellow Sydney sandstone). I thought the pigeons as depicted by USK sketchers were an exaggeration, but they are really are all over the place in this square. Of course, this virtual sketch shows nothing of the human hustle and bustle which is characteristic of this square in real life.

I could have brought out the statue and knocked back the church facade but I like creating an all-over maze effect. The only way I think the statue can be ‘brought forward’ is to ‘force’ the shadow darks around it.

This stark black-and-pink is not my normal style, but seems fitting for Santo Domingo.

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