Virtual San Domingo (7)

August 5, 2012

A4, pen, no pencil setup lines.

“Proper” thumbnails today – tiny and quick. Should work with an egg-timer because it was too easy to drill down to too much detail instead of moving to the next sketch.

Today’s big breakthrough was not to draw windows and window openings with four sides. Likes eyes in a face, four-sided windows draw unwarranted attention to themselves. With just two sides, they suggest windows without detracting from the whole.

I see this as the first of four pages: Compositional Potential today, followed by pages of thumbnails devoted to

Step 2 – Tonal Values (where shadows fall, leaving sunlit areas on blank paper);

Step 3 – Detail and Perspectival Accuracy (especially attractive because of the architectural variety present);

Step 4 – Colour (coloured pencil, watercolour and, in the spirit of the USK Symposium, markers).

Since we’re in the middle of the London 2012 Olympics, I’m envisaging the 11-month period between annual USK Symposia as “training”, with the symposium as the “Olympic event” when all the conditioning and exercise has become automatic and flourishes in the heat and humidity of performance-based on-site sketching. Perhaps with enough daily training (indoor ‘studio’ training and outdoor on-location sketching), working on weaknesses (ways of seeing) and developing flexibility (appropriate media choices), who knows, I might “qualify” some day for a future “Olympics”!


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