Virtual Santo Domingo (8)

August 6, 2012

A4 photocopy paper, 2″x2″ and 2″x3″ thumbnails in HB (setup), 3B (mid-greys) and 7B (darks).

The scanner hasn’t picked up on all the subtleties but in any case it’s been difficult not to revert to line (though in my defence there are thin areas of terracotta brickwork of the middle section of the facade which are very dark). 

Probably the best way to play around with tone in a way that doesn’t permit any fudging with mid-tones is collage, of course: sticking to the white of the ‘canvas’, adding cut or torn pieces of paper in just two colours, grey and black. I might use this method when it comes to adding colour later on.

Tonal values help to consolidate notions of where the ‘focus’ of the sketch for the viewer should lie. The one at lower right really has two ‘conflicting’ focus points: the area of sunlight on the ground beside the church at left, and the area of sunlight on the fort walls on the far right. By rights, this demands two separate sketches. Perhaps. I am trying to convey in this one the idea of the church-fort, its unique position nestled beneath the fort walls apparently there was a bunker for the people, built under the church).

The other interesting factor is that the sky has a tone, and often not a completely uniform one at that.

Lastly, I found myself drawing one of them on a textured backing. How many of us use different textured backing under our sketching pages?


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