Virtual Santo Domingo (11, 12)

August 10, 2012


Experimenting with new ways of doing things, in the style of the International Urban Sketcher symposia.

* 220gm multimedia card (it buckled slightly, so thick watercolour really requires a 250, 300 or more);

* no pencil setup lines (but could practically draw the Iglesia Santa Barbara from memory now);

* took up the idea of working in watercolour without pencils, and with differing levels of added water (the tea-milk-honey approach);

* added black and pink Pantone markers after the painting, as well as Artliner black pen.

Very hard to Paint Small, hold the pen/brush further back than usual, use raw colour – no mixing, develop ‘out-of-control’ line… but if I was doing this on location in Santo Domingo with the heat and humidity, jetlag and general weariness, wouldn’t my ‘normal’ style be stretched anway, perhaps beyond all recognition? It’s obvious that I’m absorbing, at the moment, the style and advice of urban sketchers like Omar Jaramillo and Veronica Lawlor. So far, I’m drawing the line at water soluble crayons and a bamboo pen, but that may yet happen!

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