Newtown Railway Station 1910

August 11, 2012

5×8″ 4B pencil on 220g multimedia card.

Anticipating a return soon to draw Newtown Railway Station because of the current building work going on there: a dramatic new station entrance via the south on the land previously used as tram sheds.

In addition, on a Sydney Sketch Club meetup at the Australian Maritime Museum, I remembered that a switching box once graced the Railway Station, identical to the one sitting on Pyrmont Bridge.

Thirdly, I need to draw some former Sydney trams at the Tram Museum, Loftus. (The dots in the air are tram wire connection points.)

Pen sketch from my own photo, Oct 2011 (taken from outside the cafe between King St South and Enmore Rd)

That today’s is a sketch of the railway station, the Bank Hotel (to the left) and/or a sketch of a Sydney tram, underlines a quote from Meglin:

“…a photograph locks in a moment of life “factually”. A drawing locks in that moment “expressively”.”

I like very much portraying the ‘factuality’ of buildings, especially when buildings can look so generic that they can be from anywhere in the world. But ‘expressivity’ reigns, almost two centuries now since it took over from ‘realism’ in Western art. Can’t buck the trend. The original photo creates two focal points for the sketcher; I’ll see how I go on location.


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