People poses, Pitt Street Mall, Sydney NSW 2000

August 15, 2012

The last time I consciously sketched people in poses in public places was at a dog obedience class in Prince Alfred Park.  The dogs ran around the people lolled around on the grass, chatting. I started in the LH corner of an A2 page and drew several dozen in consecutive lines across the page.

Have decided to rectify this situation (maybe do a people sketch for every building sketch), so spent 20mins in the air bridge over Pitt Street Mall, between Level 2 of Westfield Sydney and Myer. If the mall wasn’t so busy, I would have spent time trying to draw the building facades (it is said that the creation of the Pitt Street mall helped preserve the 19th-century buildings in Pitt Street – some of them are really over-the-top).  Here are people having lunch on the odd-looking public seating in this, one of the most expensive retail sites in the world..

While I could draw without distraction or interruption (though you must draw into your own reflection on the air bridge glass), the only drawback is the foreshortening involved in drawing from above. Next time, I’ll just concentrate on just two or three people. Like checking out interesting angles when drawing buildings, people need to have created interesting poses.


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