Daily portrait practice

September 5, 2012

I’m slowly bedding down a new habit of doing some portrait/figure sketching every day, no matter how much little time I have. Fingers crossed, it will continue.

I’ve started an A4 sketchbook just for work on faces and skulls, a “Black Book” graffiti sketchbook from Sterling, New York. It’s slippery shiny paper stops me from being inhibited about getting the forms down and with practice, I can ‘upgrade’ to a sketchbook with thicker paper for wet media via toned paper. Faces/skulls are so ‘different’ from my normal urban sketching that it seems worthwhile to have all that info in a separate book.

Today’s effort after yesterday’s ‘serious’ efforts copying poses from www.characterdesigns.com is some mock Roman busts based on Russell Crowe, arguably the ‘face’ of Roman gladiators in our time.  I’ve yet to compare the art of the sculptor to photos of the actor. I had to tone down a lot the very dark shadows of the original, the busts were plainly photographed outdoors in very harsh sunlight.


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