Tempe NSW 2044 Cooks River Sewage Aqueduct

September 12, 2012

Day 1. I’m pursuing the idea of ‘deep topography’, wringing dry my local environment of its sketching potential. Today’s is a giant pipeline across a river, with some elaborate brick piers at either end and some steel ones in the river itself.

 At the top of the valley is the modern circular house; in the afternoons, at low tide, the coloured areas (brown, ochre) show at the bottom of the steel pylons.

Day 2. I returned the next afternoon with the intention of adding colour. Instead, I started a second sketch from scratch, improving on some of the measuring/proportion by eye.

My local area is full of large engineering infrastructure, much of it more than a hundred years old.

Some background, explaining the architectural style:

The Cooks River Sewage Aqueduct, completed in 1895, is an integral and visibly strong component of the original Western Main Carrier (now part of Southern and Western Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer System), which was one the Metropolitan Water & Sewerage Board’s major early sewerage schemes. The aqueduct being a combination of brick arches and steel bridges, is an excellent and rare example of a late 19th century steel truss bridge (in non-railway construction) and decorative face brickwork in NSW. The two original sewer carriers are rare examples of large diameter, long run wrought iron pipes used for such a purpose.

I now need to do some thumbnails of the aqueduct from a variety of different angles to get a clearer understanding of its various ‘parts’.


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