Rookwood Cemetery Open Day, 2012

September 25, 2012

Wally Temple Jazz Trio. Caught their last set, before calling it quits for the day – the first item for sax, banjo and plucked bass, the second for clarinet, banjo and bowed bass. Hence the restatement in the sketch. The poses were very distinct and I’ll be aware of what to look out for next time I sketch a jazz trio.

The Frazer Mausoleum, left,  is still not completely sealed off from the elements; this view is towards the south-west. Many of the problems experienced with drawing from photos were present again when drawing on location. The Anglican Rest House (“Elephant House”) , right, has three squares of floor tilework, not six as I imagined from photos on the Internet. From this angle, it was impossible to keep out of the afternoon sun, which got the better of me.

Chapel of St Michael the Archangel. The first sketch of the day, with light and shadows changing quite fast. The groundsmen did a superb job preparing this and other important buildings for the Open Day. The volunteer guide on duty provided a wealth of detail, pointing out the damage to the black-and-white marble floor tiles, a remnant of the re-roofing whch took place in the 1960s or 70s. Each of the stained glass windows featured saints; the crypt at the northern end was desiged for temporary storage of the deceased while family and mourners travelled from far-flung parts of the State (this persisted up until the 1930s; prior to that, most people lived in the country, not in Sydney and might take three or four days to arrive at Rookwood).


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