Teddy Bear Making (Day 1)

October 1, 2012

While daily drawing continues, I came across an interesting teddy bear and spent the day transferring the pattern to cardboard and organising materials:  a design by Catherine Cardinelli, 11″ or so (so a bit of a Goldlocks bear – not too big and not too small) and I’ve decided to work up two versions, both in smooth acrylic faux fur (with virtually no pile)  and felt paws.

It’s been ages and ages since I made a teddy bear. I stopped when my own efforts failed to excite, in part, because I kept stabbing myself with the needle and in part because of materials. There is only so far one can go in creating a thoroughly convincing bear from cheap materials! I’m at the stage where I need to “upgrade” to sparse mohair, a shaved snout and embroidered nose, plus repro black button eyes, so these two will be “practice runs” to get my eye in. With a “portfolio” of a few decent bears under my arm, I feel I can front up to some local classes or workshops to get the lowdown on stuffing and embroidery.


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