Teddy Bear Making (Day 3)

October 2, 2012

More problems today with WordPress uploading photos… But I’ve finalised all the seams and am ready for jointing and stuffing.

Catherine Cardellini’s pattern for Pee Wee calls for cotter pin joints which I’ve not used before, having opted for locknut joints in the past. She also calls for a combination of polyester filling and glass beads for the stuffing; glass beads I’ve also dispensed with in the past. We’ll see how this works out since I don’t think it’s my stuffing technique which has let me down in the past.

Using polyester filling has worked for me in the past, but then I’ve not been too particular about nose embroidery. This time round, if I’m not happy with the degree of firmness in the head, I’m going to track down wood shavings or something similar, because I really would like to get the head ‘right’. I’m even having doubts about using standard plastic eyes and have ordered in some 9mm black German glass eyes in an attempt to get closer to boot button eyes.

I’ve been going online and teddy bear making fashions have definitely changed in the last fifteen years or so. I’m finding the ultrarealism a bit creepy and the use of Copic markers around the nose and eyes to produce a heavily made-up look a bit too much.


“Pee Wee” in Australian Bear Creations vol.7 no.2 (2001): 10-14.


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