Portrait Practice this week

October 7, 2012


I’m continuing to develop the habit of daily portrait sketching, albeit from photographs and still-frame television. I’m putting more energy and faith into the development of skills over time; observationis not  skill which one acquires suddenly, but incrementally. The slippery, shiney surface of the Graffiti Sketchbook is very forgiving. In addition, I’m not agonizing endlessly over detail at each session; some details I’ll observe correctly, some will be missed, but I’m testing the hypothesis that almost daily or at least very regularly sketching of faces, with more or less minor differences, will win out in the end.


This is the same sketch, with the original lightly drawn at left an edited digitally to show up all the strokes at right.


I’m sketching only on the right hand side of each double-spread. I intending returning to the blank left hand pages later on and doing some ‘theoretical’ studies relating to the sketch: the skull and flayed muscles, or example, following the pose of the original. I think the sketchbook needs to incorporate a running commentary on work and not just be a suite of ‘pretty pictures’.


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