Sydney Sketching: Sydenham NSW 2044

October 8, 2012

Day 2. 4B pencil and found paper collage. Overcast, around lunchtime, so preoccupied more with contour than tone. I returned to this spot because I’d swamped my previous drawing with watercolour. My aim also was to try and sketch a panorama between two sets of traffic lights, those facing west (left) and those facing north (off-page, right – but see Day 1 sketch below). This ended up being about 50% smaller than the previous sketch. I omitted the endless stream of vehicular traffic in the hope of adding it at the end, but ran out of steam after more than an hour. I took my music with me today – Reynaldo Hahn and later the first Act of Manon, as part of ABC radio’s Top 100 Musique de France.

Day 1. A soft pencil sketch on-site, with watercolour added later, reflecting the very sunny weather. Done about a month ago, mid-afternoon, so construction site of new railway station is in heavy shadow, looking north towards the Sydney city skyline. The traffic lights provided momentary vehicles at rest


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