Sydenham NSW 2044 – railway station building site

October 9, 2012

A massive north-south brick wall allowing for vehicles to rise up and over the railway line from Marrickville to the west. Along its length are parked more than a 100 cars. Some of the scaffolding seems to be disappearing from the remodelling of the Sydenham Railway station ticket office concourse, revealing a new curved concrete facade. Notwithstanding the infrastructure in place for water run-off as a consequence of local flood disasters in the 19th-century, I can’t imagine this station will ever be surrounded by high-rise. The roof of the new station would be a perfect vantage point for watching New Year fireworks. Today was clear enough over the city to identify particular buildings on the Sydney skyline from the high vantage point of the railway station, including Centrepoint Tower, the UTS building, World Square and Horizon in William Street.

I sketched in the broad sweep of the ramped roads a month ago, but went back today for some detailed restatement. I’m tempted to return for more work on the southern side, far right. Conveying the texture of millions of bricks is another matter!


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