Australian Museum 1 of 26

October 15, 2012

The first of 26 scheduled trips to the Australian Museum, once a fortnight for twelve months, to get some fluency going with Animals.

The light is so low in the Skeleton Room I feel like I’m drawing blind contour in the dark. Got the proportions wrong, but will return! Need to ‘prep’ this some more and get the proportions right from photos, especially comparing the clavicle/shoulder blades/vertebrae to humans and where bony bits show on the kangaroo’s face. Next stop, kangaroos at Taronga Park Zoo!


Noticed efforts to save newly-hatched turtles on islands in the Great Barrier Reef (and how turtles swim) so took a shine to these two ‘stuffed’ animals in the Search & Discover Room.  The Hawksbill was remarkably small; the brown shading of the shell dizzying. I was intriged by the four ‘stilts’ holding the upper and lower shells and this is a prelude to the Turtle skeleton in the Skeleton Room where I’ll be able to draw it front-on. Should complement these outings to visits to Sydney Unversity’s Macleay Museum.


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