Sydney: Chief-Secretary’s Building

October 15, 2012

I confess to never having paid much attention to 213 Macquarie Street before now. Its pattern of sandstone columns and arches and Brunswick Green windows recalls the Lands Department Building in nearby Bridge Street.

Today’s was a very quick sketch because I was in the midday sun, from the Royal Botanic Garden gates. Done on the spur of the moment; I would normally have done some sketches from photos at home first.

More importantly, it was also my first experiment with Derwent Tinted Charcoal, with Sand TC01 in mind for the sandstone. Mountain Boue for the windows-in-shade and Lavender for the sandstone-in-shadow. The use of water wash didn’t produce much flocculation (the sandy texture of water plus Tinted Charcoal) but it does create a Rick Amor-type moodiness, ideal for Sydney sandstone buildings on overcast days or in deep shade.

Watercolour for the sky and yellow Prismacolour pencil for the foyer lights, flag and shed roof (?) at right. 

Need to work very much larger than this 5×8″ if I’m to capture anyof the elaborate facade detail. Working very early in the morning would help from this vantage point and once confident with the building, I can include the palm trees which line the eastern side of Macquarie Street.


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