Sydney: Frazer drinking fountain no.2

October 15, 2012

The one at left is from a superb old photo with wonderful gradations of greys-to-black (which I managed not to convey because of the small scale, 5×8″). It did prepare me for the real thing today (right), around lunchtime, seated in the shade outside the Registrar-General’s building, out of harm’s way. The nearby motorbike parking area and people at the pedestrian crossing to Hyde Park are also worth sketching sometime. 

I haven’t conveyed the contrast between the white roof (?marble-like) above the pediments or the rose-coloured marble of the font-like fountain. The winged griffen monsters at each corner are wonderful too!

This was my second go at Tinted Charcoal and though it changes the mood entirely from sunny to rainy, at least I’m moving to something more painterly – filling more of  the page and conveying mass/volume/weight. The geometry/perspective was extremely difficult given the double columns at the four corners. Worth getting the geometry of the worn sandstone blocks of the base, but need to work a lot bigger.

Where possible, I’m working on relatively simple, straightforward geometric forms – freestanding Rectangular Blocks and Cylindrical Towers -, this one being an advance on the ‘blockiness’ of children’s playground equipment.  

Checked out Frazer’s first drinking fountain opposite Sydney Grammar. That’s a functioning drinking fountain but, while smaller, is more hemmed in by nearby trees.

I’ve walked past both of these bits of Victorian sandstone a million times, but never noticed them till now. I was surprised at the number of tourists who stopped to photograph the one at St Mary’s Cathedral, perhaps drawn by the warmth of Sydney’s Pyrmont sandstone.


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