Parramatta NSW 2150 Salvonista

October 17, 2012

Today’s afternoon sketch at Parramatta became a people sketch (Salvonista moveable boutique) in lieu of an architecture sketch (Parramatta Town Hall).

Resisted being overwhelmed by the complexity of the merchandise and dozens of shoppers and got down the essentials in H graphite pencl in 40mins or so before adding colour at home: Prismacolour coloured pencil (working much slower than usual) for the areas in sunlight and Tinted Charcoal to knock back the areas in shade. I learned from yesterday’s mistakes and refrained from adding any black pen!

Making the white marquee stand out was deliberate, as was not bringing the Town Hall “forward” by overdoing the detail and tone and deliberately using colour to reinforce the diagonal of the content. I didn’t spill over into the other page of the double-spread today; two of the retailers offered some kind feedback and I certainly approve of the concept of the shop-coming-to-the-people. It allows the Salvos to target product to customers and doesn’t cannibalise their existing customer base who will go to the retail bricks-and-mortar outlets regardless. I must sketch my own local Salvo’s sometime!


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