19oct12 Tempe NSW 2044: Edgar St building site

October 20, 2012

At least one or two days a week, I try to concentrate on Deep Topography, or sketching within a very short walk from home. During this week, I noticed some cranes at the Edgar St/Wells Ave building site within the former sandstone quarry, but they were gone today. 3pm and the builders were still packing up, trucks in my up-close sketching location in Edgar St; instead I tried for the view from across the Great Southern railway line, as high as I could in Richardson Crescent, with Sydney city skyline in the distance.

Managed to avoid trying to capture the very wide range of greens involved, but still ‘wrecked the joint’ (that provocative Alan Jones’ phrase) by including watercolour at sufficient depth to register on the scanner (a mistake because it ends up matching the light H pencil lines – instead of denoting sky, it competes with all the pencil content).

Really must resist overworking what are perfectly simple, expressive pencil sketches. Never mind, am learning – lol!

Caught actor Audrey Tautou playing a Parisian girl with a sketching mania in the film Ensemble, c’est tout (“Hunting & Gathering”) directed by the great Claude Berri. She follows her passion and finally makes it with her sketching.

Locally, there is the challenge of sketching a local black, burnt-out ATM (the only reliably accessible one within a mile’s walk or 2000 steps from where I live). Talk (again) of the deletion of Tempe wetlands with an expressway, as part of the Westconnex transport project, means I must try and document the vegetation and birds there before they are concreted over.


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